A Contract Manufacturer—and More

About MUM Industries

MUM Industries, Inc. was founded in 1996 to provide comprehensive contract manufacturing services to customers in consumer, commercial and industrial markets. We work closely with sister companies in the United States, as well as partner suppliers in overseas markets. We combine a range of capabilities and advantages that emphasize creativity in problem solving, extensive engineering know-how, strong manufacturing/assembly resources, excellent supply chain management capabilities and tremendous customer responsiveness. MUM is headquartered in Mentor, Ohio.

MUM balances in-house manufacturing capabilities with outsource suppliers to create the best cost/quality balance for our customers. We can provide a diversity of design, manufacturing and quality engineering resources from both within our organization or through specialized partners. Component and material quality evaluations ensure products meet customer quality requirements. Individual and kitted sub-assemblies are assembled by the skilled MUM workforce, and then tested against rigid quality standards.

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