EMF Company specializes in custom NEMA rated enclosures and large, multi-door cabinets for a wide variety of applications. EMF’s highly skilled team and 65,000 square foot facility allows us to handle every part of the manufacturing process from engineering to paint and custom machining.

Enclosures: EMF offers various styles of enclosures including Wall Mounts, Floor Mounts, Free Standing, JIC, and Disconnects. These enclosures can fulfill the needs of many industries such as Food Production & Packaging, Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, Breweries, Dock Unloader Systems, Highway Lighting Systems.

Consoles Enclosures: Console Enclosures lift controls to a comfortable eye level for viewing and programming. These are popular for Conveyor Systems, Military, Crane Control Systems, and Water Treatment applications.

Custom Enclosures: EMF offers a full range of  in-house capabilities to fulfill your requirements including Custom Welding, Part Forming, Insulation, Panels, Paint & Finishing, and Machining. We can meet any demand or application needed by our customers.

Established in 1955 as a small 13 person operation, The EMF Company has been manufacturing custom sheet metal enclosures for over 65 years. Through decades of experience, we have taken on every aspect of the manufacturing process and greatly expanded our products and capabilities to meet the needs of our customers. In 2021, EMF joined MUM Industries umbrella of brands, allowing us to further expand our capabilities and better serve our customers.

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