MUM Hong Kong Delivers Solutions to Asian Market

MUM Hong Kong supplies service and support for All-Flo Pump Co. and Integra Enclosures product lines to the Asian market. From our MUM Hong Kong facility, we accelerate our customers’ access to All-Flo and Integra performance engineered and manufactured products to meet each unique application requirement.

The complete line of Integra engineered thermoplastic enclosures and accessories are available through MUM Hong Kong. Integra enclosures are non-conductive, non-corrosive and simple to install. A skilled MUM Hong Kong workforce can provide customized enclosures, modified to meet customer requirements.

MUM Hong Kong also supplies and services All-Flo’s full line of rugged, lube-free, non-stall air operated diaphragm pumps and accessory products to provide reliable pump solutions for local customers. The MUM Hong Kong support team can respond quickly with versatile pump solutions for any pumping application. MUM Hong Kong supports the full range of All-Flo Pump Co. and Integra Enclosure products made in the United States.



MUM Hong Kong